Suburb Lead Gen

Lead Generation Campaigns Only

This is a targeted lead generation campaign that will highlight you as the go to agent for the suburb. The suburb lead gen campaigns are exclusive to only 1 @realty agent per suburb, so you can be sure that all leads generated for that suburb are going to you. We will also upload a list of your contacts from the @realty CRM so your contacts are viewing your ads and Facebook can create a look-alike audience.


The strategy uses 2 types of ads:

  • Top of Funnel - these are ads that are targeted to cold audiences and look-alike audiences

  • Re-target ads - these are ads that will retarget people that have viewed and engaged with a top of funnel ad


Be sure to check if your suburb is available by clicking the button below


Set up fee is $99.00 per suburb nominated + ad spend ($300 recommended per month)

Minimum 3 months pack for lead generation to get the best results